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Z Loves: Happy Meal Books


I’m happy that even if Z enjoys playing with the iPad, he also likes reading and listening to me read him bedtime stories. So it was to our delight that Happy Meal Books are now available! 

The first batch of Happy Meal Books features the adventures of Ms. Fizzle and her class in their Magic School Bus. I loved this series while growing up because it has a way of making you understand a lot of concepts in a fun, playful manner. There are 6 books to collect which comes with a super cute Happy Meal bookmark! 


Thank you McDonald’s for our Family Activity Kit!

It’s also good to know that for every purchase of a Happy Meal, you are also helping other children to read! A portion goes to the Ronald McDonald Read to Learn program which aims to promote reading to first grade public school students. Good deal, diba?!  So get your happiness in a box in all Mcdonald’s branches!

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