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That #Momazing Feeling with Scott’s

When I became a mom, each milestone gave me such big emotions that I would tear up every time. I’ve lost count how many times I cried happy tears over the small things my (then little) Z would do. And now I have a word for that big emotion: MOMAZING!


Momazing is the feeling of knowing that everything I do is just right for my kid. The first time he rolled over; when he said Mommy; and the first day of dropping him off school without tears — these are all instances of Momazing moments!  It’s the feeling of accomplishment, that says: “Hey, I’m actually doing something right!”

Last May 9, I got to spend the eve of Mother’s Day with some of the most amazing moms I’m blessed to be friends with at the launch of Scott’s Momazing Campaign! Scott’s, being around for 100 years now, helps in building foundations to help children flourish and reach their milestones. With the Momazing campaign, Scott’s recognizes the moments which make motherhood feel really special.


Scottsie and Fishy kept everyone entertained!
Lots of Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles and Emulsion for everyone to try!

IMG_2060 IMG_2054

Three lovely Mamas shared their Momazing moments onstage: Fleur, Michelle and Mish. Each of them gave valuable insight and examples of their journey through motherhood.


Fleur candidly talked about how she juggles being an engineer and a doting mother to super cutie-pie Anika. She reiterated that being a mom is not a hindrance to her having a career and vice versa, but states that her daughter is her number one priority. You would definitely see how they adore each other on her blog posts!

I think I related to Michelle the most because we’re both full-time moms. I agree when she said that even if you’re with your kids 24/7, there are a lot of ways to spend meaningful moments with them. Aside from cooking meals, budgeting the family’s expenses and bringing her daughter to school, Michelle is homeschooling her eldest son! Talk about a superwoman!

I’m sure everyone teared up during Mish’ sharing of being a special needs mom. From the moment that Gelli was born, Mish saw every milestone, big or small, as a Momazing moment. I truly look up to her strength and passion! She admits that there is a long way to go for Special Needs Awareness but I’m sure that her being in the forefront, a lot of great things will unfold.

Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez and Ms. Dimples Romana were the hosts for the morning’s program. Being moms themselves, they also shared their Momazing moments.
It was a dream come true for me as I met one of my heroes, Daphne!!! I’m such a big fan! She has been really inspirational for me as a mom and woman 🙂

Thank you Scott’s for a very fun morning! My kids and I enjoyed having our Flipbooks done 🙂 Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles and Emulsion with Cod Liver Oil are available in supermarkets and drug stores. There’s an ongoing contest over at Scott’s Facebook Page where you can win an iPad Mini so click, click!


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