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The Weekend That Was: Food, Face and Fun! 

Our weekend hit off at the right note when we received a box full of Mang Juan Chik’n Skin in Suka flavor! 

It was the right blend of salty and spicy in crunchy goodness! Z can eat 3-4 pieces before the spiciness kicks in. Perfect for the lazy weekends coming up! 

One of my grand aunts celebrated her 80th birthday and we surprised her at a party! Took this chance to dress up and put on make up!  

I think I did a pretty good job!

While Z snored off the night, my 3 month old baby girl enjoyed being on the dance floor! Look at her #ootd: 

Crown from Little Luli, Dress from Mamaway

I’m beginning to appreciate weekends more now that school has started. How was your weekend?   

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