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The Weekend That Was: Before School Starts

It’s the last weekend before Z officially starts school. We were planning to go out of town but stayed home instead. Our unit needs some renovation so we’ll spend a week or two with the inlaws. It’s like being on a staycation as well! 

While packing our stuff, I was trying to do the KonMari method. It’s from Japanese organization consultant Marie Kondo, who developed a way to declutter spaces. I can follow it easily with my stuff but not with my kids’ things. I seriously need to let go of clothes which do not fit me anymore. Planning to sell them, so watch this space! 

School might just be 3 hours everyday but it feels too long. Yes, I’m the one getting jittery about it. Showering my little school boy with lots of hugs and kisses! 

the little sister will miss kuya also!

Enjoy the rest of the week!!!

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