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Z Goes To School! 

It’s official, I have a preschooler in the house! Today was the first day of classes and I’m happy to report that there were no tears (except for mine!) I was really anxious, I was up by 4 am, and class was at 11! 

 We don’t have a uniform yet, so I took this chance to dress him up. Though the outfit doesn’t look playground-ready, hehe! 

He kinda hesitated a bit when we got to the school because he wanted to go to the room where he had his summer classes. Good thing that his bff was in their classroom already, he felt right at home! I love his Beatrix NY little kid backpack! It’s so cute and just the right weight for him. But it doesn’t fit in his cubby hole so I should get him the matching lunchbox, right?!


I’ll be laying of being a stage-mom after this week and go home once he’s settled in! Yahooo 3 hours of free time! Oh wait, I got another baby, hahaha! I’m so excited for whatever Z will learn from his teachers and peers! 

Are your kiddos back to school?! How was it? Any tips for this anxious mama?! 

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Kailee’s first day was today naman! She was too excited and was up at 530am! OMG – ginising ako at 6:30am to dress up so we can go na daw!! We reached the school (literally opened the gate and the school) at 7:27am, her class starts at 8am pa!! She was very good daw, listening and all. So proud of her!!!

See you soon Chesy! Miss you!

Love, Didi

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