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Go! Breastfeed!

I’m a staunch advocate of breastfeeding. Had I not attended a breastfeeding lecture, I wouldn’t know about my body’s capabilities of providing nutrition, comfort and more to my little one. My first-born totally reaped the benefits of extended breastfeeding – he is not as sickly, he eats most foods and loves to cuddle! I’m praying that I have the patience and will to breastfeed my daughter for as long too.


So eversince I became a mom and a breastfeeder, I see to it that I encourage other would-be moms to do the same. Whenever I see a friend announcing their pregnancy on social media, I send them links on breastfeeding lectures and infographics, hoping that they too would breastfeed their little ones. So far, I’ve been successful in helping around 3 or 4 friends, one of which I’ve interviewed on this post.

But I’ve only experienced a little, not so much to be that inspiring. So I’m really happy that a website addresses a lot of breastfeeding concerns of a first-time mom. is your one-stop breastfeeding website! There is a crash course section which tackles myths, what to expect about breastfeeding and childbirth and how to adjust when the baby arrives. If you can’t attend a breastfeeding lecture, then there’s no excuse not to learn more about the benefits of breastfeeding, since you can just bookmark this site and have it handy! There are also inspiring stories on the site, one of my favorites is how a non-breastfeeder sees a breastfeeding mom.

Breastfeeding Diaries  The Diary of a Non Breastfeeder


The website is currently raising funds to produce more materials on breastfeeding education. Kate Delos Reyes, the creator of sees breastfeeding as beneficial not just to children but to the whole community. To help support Kate’s efforts in bringing breastfeeding education accessible to everyone, please go to this site:

Breastfeeding has been one of the best decisions my husband and made as parents. I hope more and more babies get the benefits of breastmilk and the bonding it produces!


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