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Back to the grind!

I swear, I suck at multi-tasking. I cannot juggle tasks and I tend to zone in on one project. Hence, the absence from this blog. But now that Baby Y’s baptism is over and done with, I can finally do a major backlog. Yay! I’ll blog about #BriannasBaptism when I have the pictures from the photographer. I don’t have any pictures on my phone! I was that busy, hahaha! Nakakaloka but I’m glad everyone enjoyed naman.

Whenever I stumble or feel drained, I reflect on my life bubbles or the 5 aspects of your life: self, social life, academics/work, family and sense of purpose. Coach Pia introduced these to us during our #BetterMe sessions. It’s a good gauge on which part of your life is being overly-inflated or which ones need attention. The goal is to achieve balance in all of the aspects. Just thinking about it, I know that my “self” and “work” bubble is severely deflated. But I’m slowly picking up “self” by having my eyebrows groomed, getting a mani-pedi and taking back my 30-minute coffee time in the morning!

For “work” which means this blog, I hope to get my new theme ASAP and launch my new domain! I know I should also get a crash course on content planning for blogs so the ManilaWorkshop’s Enter Entrep webinars looks good. There’s also a session on Facebook Marketing, which I need because I plan to sell my pre-loved items.

So much going on. And there will be things happening soon also. I really need to get my drive on the go, because this is my outlet. Blogging is something I do for myself, so I feel bad it took a backseat. I know I need to manage my time well and delegate tasks properly. Help mommies! How do you do it ALL?!

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