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Z’s Two Stars

I’ve been very anxious about Z going to school. He takes time to adjust to new people and situations. So imagine my delight when I saw this today: 

His teachers said that he worked on 4 activity sheets so he got his stamps! That’s a huge step from someone who did not want to hold a pencil! 

These stars say a lot! They mean that he is comfortable with his teachers to let them tell him what to do. He trusts them thus he is open to more learning. And that was my initial goal for him: to fully adjust in school! I think I can breathe easily now! 

I know that stamps are just intrinsic motivation. But I’ve never seen Z so proud of himself, he was showing everyone his hands! And that’s a big thing from him since he doesn’t like getting attention, or getting stamps because it is dirty! 

Star or no star, I’ll always be proud of you little Z! Like what I told you before you slept, you (and Y) are the best thing that happened to me! 

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