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Being a parent these days is so exciting with all the products available to make our lives a whole lot easier! One of these brands is Mamas & Papas all the way from UK.

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Designed by parents themselves, Luisa and David Scacchetti put together products which were innovative, functional and stylish. Their brand dates back to 1981 when both were just starting out to be parents and were not satisfied with the products available. They knew that it was important for children to have the best start in life so Mamas & Papas were looked upon as one of their own, raising it with passion, commitment, a sense of purpose and rock-solid standards. And now that Lusia and David’s daughters are helping shape the brand, this gives their products its unique touch as it is designed by parents for parents. They know well enough the practical needs of parents so they focus their design innovations on what’s functional and important.

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It was a fun and light brunch one Tuesday as mommy bloggers gathered in Duck and Buvette to learn more about Mamas & Papas. Being with fellow mommas felt refreshing as I was feeling a bit down the past days. Too bad I didn’t get a lot of pictures with them because we were all too busy making chika and eating the delicious spread before us. I think that’s what Mamas & Papas is all about – we get to enjoy being parents because they took care of thinking about what our babies need.

I learned from Glaiza that His Excellency Asif Ahmad is very visible in supporting brands from UK that are opening in the country!
Two good friends of mine, Say and Em dressing up Baby Ralph!
Chic moms Cat and Jackie did it faster!
Team Dychiao sharing how their parenting adventures and booboos!

To shop and know more about Mamas & Papas, you can find them at:



Mamas & Papas is exclusively distributed by Bullseye Distribution Corporation. You can also see their products at Rustan’s, Babyland, Lazada, Mothercare, BabiesToToddlers, BaoBao and Cudsly.

They also have an on-going contest!!! Join now and you will have a chance to win a Sola City Pushchair!

  • Like Mamas and Papas on Facebook and IG
  • Post a nice picture of you and your husband and share how you both work as a team to raise your child/ren,
  • Tag @mamasandpapasph in IG and FB and make sure to put the hashtags #mamasandpapasph #teammamasandpapas
  • Make sure post is set to public
  • Contest will run from August 11 to September 15, winner will be chosen on September   18 and will be contacted via PM
  • Open to all Metro Manila residents only
  • Winner will get a Mamas & Papas Sola City Pushchair! (worth P25,000)

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Hi Chessy! I love your blog’s theme and layout 🙂

It looked like everyone had fun at the Mamas and Papas event. I will check out their products on our next visit to Rustan’s and Babyland.

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