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Z and Daddy Dates

My husband’s ultimate dream is to be a dad. And I’m really happy I got to fulfill it for him twice, hehe! So I know his frustration when Z was super attached to me. But those days are gone now…


They’ve been having lots of time together, just the two of them. Over the weekend, they saw the Amazing BubbleMan and Hotel Transylvania 2, leaving me and Baby Y at home. My little boy also prefers his Daddy to bring him to school, and that I should just stay in our room. With this set-up, they also have McDonald’s dates after Bry fetches him. After 3 years, my son discovered that Daddy is more fun than Mommy (maybe because he’s not breastfeeding na?!).

My aunt asked me if I’m jealous. It’s not really jealousy; it’s more of coming to terms that there are activities Bry would handle better than me. And as early as now, Z understands that his parents have different (parenting) roles to play. It is accepting the fact that Z is indeed growing up, maturing and being more independent. I should be thankful that I have a husband who sees to it that he is present in the lives of our children. And that I get to have time for myself too.


 Haaay… As I’m typing away, Z is snuggling to his Daddy and both of them are snoring the night away. Thanks for my me-time, you two!

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