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Papaya and Guava – The New pH Care Naturals


No matter how many baths you take, if you’re not feeling fresh down there then you will still feel icky. And that is not comfortable as you’ll feel self-conscious pa. Fortunately, the people from the well-trusted brand for intimate wash, pH Care, now offers two new variants: pH Care Naturals Papaya and pH Care Naturals Guava.

pH Care Naturals Papaya

We all know that papaya is nature’s whitening ingredient. Now, imagine that in your feminine wash and voila! A mild yet effective whitening regimen for your nether regions! I badly need this so I can prance in my bikini already, hahaha! I’ll try using this for 14 days and see what will happen.


pH Care Naturals Guava

I wish this was available when I was preggy. Guava pala has anti-bacterial protection. And both of my pregnancies, I had to deal with infection down there due to an imbalance of something. This smells really good!


The new pH Care Naturals is pH-balanced, mild and safe for everyday use. These come in two sizes: 50 mL (P49.50) and 150 mL (P104.00). 

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