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Got Milk & Honey?


Z loved all of his birthday gifts. But what was surprising was when he was asked by my Tita what he wanted, he answered books! Our nightly book-time routine is paying off!


To make my Tita’s search for the perfect gift easier, I gave her the link to Milk & Honey. Milk & Honey is a fairly new online shop which houses some of the cutest baby items ever! They also have reward points which make shopping with them worth every peso. I saw that they are carrying books which are somewhat hard to find in the bookstores. So I just told her to choose any. My Tita said she never really liked online shopping but doing so with Milk & Honey changed her mind because the website was easy to view and there were a lot of payment options. She even had the option to have the package delivered to us!

My Tita knows me well! Panda-themed books!

As soon as the package arrived, Z started reading Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman. I didn’t even know he had books for kids! It was so fun to see my little bookworm tell the story just by looking at the pictures. The books delivered were all in good condition, even the paperback copy of Goodnight Moon.

Thank you Tita Sarah for our books!

Milk & Honey has a lot of items for babies and parents so check them out now!

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