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Share the Joy with Krispy Kreme!

I’m kinda feeling a bit Scrooge-y and denying that Christmas is just around the corner. I’m not ready with my lists and my Yaya’s family got affected by Typhoon Lando. But then, I saw this video circulating on Facebook.

I thought about the blessings I’ve received this year – Baby Y’s birth, a healthy family, Z’s milestones.. And it’d be so selfish of me not to share in this year’s festivities! Just a simple box of doughnuts can uplift the lowest of moods, as seen on the video and on others shared on the Facebook page. You see, Krispy Kreme puts on a doughnut party for unsuspecting groups of people in the spirit of sharing the JOY! And they’re not yet done. Through Twitter, they will look for other people to surprise and uplift their moods. What a way to start the Christmas spirit, diba?!

But before we get excited about Christmas, Halloween muna! Have you seen Krispy Kreme’s Halloween Doughnuts?!


They are worth the calories, hehe! Z loved the gummy worms and I ate the bat and the scarecrow! I tried making a Halloween doughnut before and it wasn’t easy so props to all the Krispy Kreme staff!

Let’s help Krispy Kreme #ShareTheJoy! Tweet them where you would like to share the joy, and who knows, you might be the one having a doughnut party!

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