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October Milestones

Here I go again blabbering that the month went by too fast… But it really did! Hello, Christmas na talaga! But before getting excited about the reds and the greens, I’d like to look back and reflect if I’d been inflating my bubbles (as per Coach Pia) and check what areas I need to improve on to be a #betterme.

Back to blogging


Yes, the blogging mojo did a comeback. I kinda lost it a few months back when I was adjusting with our new normal. And now that I have a new domain and theme, it feels like I’m starting anew. I have so much backlog to finish but it just means I’ve been living a life worth blogging. Naks!

Z turned 4

Aside from his school party, we still went out to celebrate his birthday. He had the time of his life playing in the arcade, eating his favorite tempura, choosing his gifts and blowing his (cup)cake. Four is starting out great!



5th Anniversary

No fancy dinner, no surprise gifts, no plans whatsoever… And that’s just how I like it. Yes it’s a major milestone worth the grand gestures but a simple one was enough. We just spent the day as a family, ate in a restaurant we haven’t tried before and window-shopped. This really speaks of my second love language which is TIME. I’m grateful for my husband who sees to it that he spends time with us, even though we drive him crazy!

First time at Wooden Spoon and I now understand why it is always full.
First time at Wooden Spoon and I now understand why it is always full.

So many things to look forward to in the last two months of 2015!



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