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Breathing In and Out

Nope, I’m not preparing to give birth, noh. I’m just taking a breather. It’s a rare occasion that I’m awake at this time and I’m not tied to a breastfeeding baby.

Wooohoooo! Pero quiet lang, because Y is such a light sleeper. I don’t know if it’s because she can feel teething symptoms but the littlest sounds wake her up. So I wake up also. And it’s just so tiring. I didn’t experience this with Z so I’m having a hard time adjusting.

Adjusting may just be the best term to describe my 2015. This year brought about a lot of circumstance that required for me to adjust, change my ways and adapt to new surroundings. This might have a big impact on my post-partum depression, which I need to write about soon. HAAAY. Kaya ko naman, but alam mo yun?! But wait, the year is not yet over so best to prepare for the unexpected.

So, where are you headed this week-long holiday?! Will you just stay home like us? I’m not so eager to go on a staycation because that means leaving Yaya at home and if she’s not there, I won’t be relaxing din naman. So stay home nalang and do Christmas crafts with Z. There’s also play places we can go to in the nearby malls. But the one we went to last Wednesday will be out of our list. The place is not well-kept anymore and in one area, there were staff people who were eating and cutting their nails. Ew I know. Toys were missing and it just didn’t feel clean — we were even the first ones to go in for the day ha. It’s just sad because it’s one of the play areas that Z grew up in. And it is in a mall where I have a lot to do while he’s there.

This week was kinda slow but when you think about it, Novemeber’s halfway done. I better start on our Christmas gift list or else, we’ll be rushing (as usual!). But this year, I just plan to shop online. Horrendous traffic await if we’ll go to the mall pa. Not to mention the waiting game in the parking area and the long queue to pay. I already have online stores in mind but if you have any more suggestions, please leave a comment! I’m always in the look out for mompreneurs or local products to support.

Okay, my lives in Candy Crush Soda Pop got refilled na! This was nice 🙂

Happy Weekend,





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