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Celebrate+Play+Bond with TOPmnl

At the last Expo Mom, a booth was set up where in kids can play while the mommies shopped. I left Baby Y with Yaya there for a good 20 minutes, before she decided she was hungry.

While she's busy, I got to shop!
While she’s busy, I got to shop!

This booth was TOPmnl (The Offbeat Party Manila) from The Discovery Depot. They offer a play area for events like birthdays, weddings, meetings, bazaars and wherever a group of kids need to be entertained. It’s a good add-on to a party while the main program is not yet starting. Or it can be the entertainment all on its own! This play area is special because they only use toys from their partner store, which I gave my two thumbs up as having good, high-quality and developmentally-appropriate toys.

They can customize their set-up according to your needs.
They can customize their set-up according to your needs.

Yes, all those toys in just one party booth! What is sulit, diba?! There are toys catering to babies and toddlers, so that even if babies are too young to join the games, they’ll still have fun at a gathering. And because these toys are made from non-toxic materials, I don’t have to worry if Baby Y puts it in her mouth (and they sanitize them as well!). By the way, a 20% discount will be given on site if your child does not want to part with a toy!

I’m really excited to see how I can incorporate TOPmnl to my daughter’s first birthday celebration next year! If you’re also interested in having them, send an email to or call 0923-8978918.

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