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It must be the age or the season of life I’m in, but I was surprised at myself for wanting flowers for Valentine’s Day. You see, I was never the flowers and chocolates type of girl. I was more of the bucket of beer and sisig type, which made the husband fall in love some 7 years ago, haha! But yeah, this year I wanted to receive flowers and flowers I received. Thanks to Flowermore!

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Flowermore was an idea born out of love (literally and figuratively) when Didoy would send his wife, Mayi, flowers every week since they got married. It did wonders for their relationship and hoped that they’ll get to inspire more couples to be more showy about their love through flowers. Their online shop offers flower arrangements for any occasion, including weddings and parties. With just a few clicks, your orders will be delivered to your special someone, hassle-free. Some may think this is a bit impersonal, so for that added touch, a special handwritten note is included in the arrangement.

On my wishlist ;)
On my wishlist 😉

What makes Flowermore different from the other flower delivery services is that they offer scheduled deliveries of flowers, so you don’t miss out on any special occasion! How many guys have dealt with their ladies’ wrath because they forgot their anniversary?! With this option, you’re sure to leave a special mark on your loved ones. You’ll also be the one to set the budget for each delivery. There’s no excuse to miss out on a special day, ever again!

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Brighten up your loved one’s day with the help of Flowermore 🙂

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