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The Weekend That Was: Mandala Park and Lola’s Day

I’m happy that there are “parks” to go to in the Metro these days. Yesterday, we went to Mandala Park along Shaw Blvd. and discovered new food finds while the kids got to play with bubbles.

I’m lucky to have a husband who likes spending time with his kids 🙂
Y and her chicken chop from Yen Yen.

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Saturday night-outs before meant drinking our livers away. But now, one bottle will do and playtime with kids will be the top priority. I hope more parks and market open so that we won’t be limited to malls!

Much of who I am today is because of the care I received from my Lola. Until the day I moved out, we were bedmates! So, it’s just fitting that I take care of her now, give her the pampering she deserves!


She got her nails done by Nail Loft. Even choosing red for her nails! Her silver hair was turned to black by StylesChic, my go-to hair home service. I’m really thankful for these home services as my Lola doesn’t like going out of the house anymore (unless we force her!). Until next month’s pampering session!


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