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Summer 2016: Kindermusik by CTEC with Teacher Dang

I’ve always been a fan of Kindermusik back in my preschool teaching days. And I’m amused at what my kids can accomplish at such a young age just by being exposed to these classes. I attribute Y’s “biba-ness” to Kindermusik. As early as 5 months, she can follow simple movements such as clap and tap. This summer, she’s enrolled at Kindermusik by CTEC with Teacher Dang.

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Starting on April 5, there will be 12 sessions of music, movement and lots of fun for the whole family! I consider it my workout as Y is putting on the pounds and I’ve to swing, swoosh, bounce her! Teacher Dang is a superb teacher! I’m also learning a lot from her and encourages us to do the activities in the online courses. She’s a sweetheart and the kids adore her (even my not-so-friendly Z!) This is also where we’ve met some of our close mommy-and-baby friends!

Reserve a slot now and hopefully we will be classmates!

Kindermusik by CTEC with Teacher Dang

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