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Summer 2016: Mathemagis Singapore Math Programs

Back in high school, I joined the Math Club not because I was good at math but because I know it’s my water loo. Fast-forward to today, I still don’t get to use ALL the math concepts taught but the values of perseverance and self-teaching learned from math really helps me today. I think math shouldn’t be feared by parents who needs to tutor their children, haha! But I heard Singapore Math is kinda different from the math we were used to. So, to prepare myself and Z, we’ll try out Mathemagis Singapore Math Program.


There are 3 programs for the different age groups:

Singapore Math Primary – This is for students in Grades 1 – 6 who wants to strengthen their understanding of math concepts, strategic thinking and problem solving.

Visual Thinking Math – Some kids who are visual learners do have a problem solving math word problems. This class will make it fun for 7 – 14 years old and learn Singapore Math’s bar model strategy.

Best Start to be Smart – Z will surely enjoy this as math concepts and analytical thinking are presented through hands-on activities. This class is for 4 – 6 years old.

The sessions are for 1 hour each, Monday to Friday. There will be 10 sessions per batch and the first batch will start on April 4. You may contact Mathemagis’ branch nearest you to schedule assessment.

Serendra: 833.7374

Makati: 556.5109

Katipunan: 225.6330

Timog Avenue: 261.1611

SM Pasig: 209.8128

By the way, if your kids will ask why they need math, tell them that math is needed to make their iPhone work! And robots too! Which is why First Robotics (a company by Mathemagis) is also offering summer programs! Check out the details on the poster.



Make your summer count (literally and figuratively!)





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