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March in Recap

March was awesome! I haven’t had time to blog and post much so I’m dumping everything here. But I’ll post more about our Holy Week escapade.

Summer came too fast and every day’s been too hot. This vegan ice cream from Super Scoops is perfect to cool down. It’s made with coconut milk and it has no white sugar or dairy, so I can give as much as to the kids without thinking about giving them diabetes!
I don’t know why but I’m into flamingos these days. It might be the perk of having a daughter, hihi! The bag on the left is from Common Thread and the kids’ lunch bag is from Lily and Tucker.
It was our first wedding for the year! Y and I wore matchy-matchy dresses by Malu Veloso and Z looked so dapper in his coat and tie.
Because wedding receptions take a while, we have Y’s dinner packed safely in her Stenlock container.
Z and Daddy in their matchy-matchy suits.
Mcdo breakfast is the best! This is my new fave: Cheesy Eggdesal with Sausage.
My hair and make-up is by Styleschic
Surprise!!! We helped arranged a mom and baby shower for our dear friends, Dex and Louren! Can’t wait to see baby G!
I really feel accomplished when these two are asleep…
Rita’s date with this one. I’m learning that I need one-on-one moments with the kids, my husband and myself.
From MamaChows come Bites for Tots! It is super healthy so the kids can eat as much as they want!
My kids love it! Even if it doesn’t taste anything, haha! You can order from MamaChows 0917-322-0926.
Beating the heat with an ice lolly!

I know I need to have these pics printed. What do you use?!

More to share this April!!! Birthday month, yay!

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