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My Brave Little Z

Because Z got hooked on marshmallows, chocolates and cookies a little bit early, his milk teeth suffered so bad. Add to that the daily and nightly struggles we had to face when it’s brushing time. We always had to pin him down so I can clean his teeth. But yeah, no matter how you brush but the teeth are already exposed to sweets, it’ll be hard to save them. Lesson learned the hard way for us even though we brought Z to the dentist early.

So this weekend, he needs to be sedated so the dentist can extract 6 (!!!) teeth. I don’t like doctors and I despise dental check-ups so I am really squeamish and anxious as to what will happen.

Fortunately, my son has been very brave during our past visit to his dentist and to the pedia to get his clearance (it is needed because he will be given general anesthesia). I’m super proud of him. At the dentist, we got to watch Inside Out first so there was a warm up time. When the dentist was asking him questions, he answered naman albeit softly. Then, when the dentist invited him to sit on the chair, he agreed!!! All throughout the procedure, I was just in front of him taking pictures. He was so brave!


And then we needed to get him a clearance from his pedia. This means a trip to the X-ray machine and blood chem!!! WAAAH! Imagine how nervous I was when we went to the hospital.

But he surprised us once again by being obedient. All along he was saying he was scared but I told him that it’s okay to be scared, I’m with him all throughout. I think it also helped that we watched YouTube videos on anatomy and a trip to the hospital. Getting an X-ray was easy and he was so amazed to see a picture of his bones and heart. Getting a blood sample was trickier. It was the prick method so it took quite a long time to get a decent amount but at least he wasn’t hurt as much.

With Tita Dra. Paula :)
With Tita Dra. Paula 🙂


"Don't let them get my blood. It's mine."
“Don’t let them get my blood. It’s mine.”

Oh diba, I was able to take pictures, meaning hindi s’ya nagwawala! We were all proud of him, we celebrated with ice cream and chips at the canteen, hihi!

Next stop: teeth extraction! Hopefully, both of us will be calm again! Prayers please!

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I think every parent goes through that anxiety of their kid’s check up with the doctor. So, great job sis with prepping him! Good luck sa tooth extraction hope you can also share about it.

Awwww, we can’t blame our little bulilit to eat that sweets and chocolates kasama talaga yan sa paglaki nila. But in my case my toddler he don’t like sweets kaya masaya ako. Ang galing ng little boy mo ang tapang. Good job Z 🙂

What a brave boy. I have seen alot of kids who are so scared of dentists primarily. I guess yoh are righg in allowing him to familiarize himself with dental procedures before taking him in.

Brave little boy! Looking forward to your post on how his teeth extraction went. 🙂 My eldest enjoys our trips to the dentist but goes berserk whenever she sees a needle. Just recently, it took 3 orderlies to hold her down just so we can get a blood sample. Heartbreaking talaga.

Ang galing! What a brave little man. My 4-year old is showing signs of tooth decay too (eek!) so we’re going to have to visit the dentist this week!

Awww, good to know Z was brave throughout that whole thing. Our own Z needs to take a trip to the dentist too because some of his teeth are also not looking so good anymore. Crossing our fingers he’ll do fine as well.

Oh no, I have to stop my kid from eating sweets 🙁 it’s good to know that he was very obedient. I can only imagine his fear. I was scared of the dentist too when I was a kid. I hope everything goes well!

I am trying to limit sweets in my home, but when my kids are in my parents’ house, hala bigay lahat. Hahaha. Thankfully, brushing their teeth is not an issue. They even remind me that’s it’s time for brushing :))

Good job, little man! 🙂

Hi Mommy, aside from eating too many cookies, marshmallows … sometimes milk can also be the culprit. My friend’s daughter has blackish teeth when she was about 4-5 years old.. the child is not fond of cookies, candies but loves milk.. and drinks milk when she’s asleep.. ayun, overnight nakababad ang teeth sa milk. There are milk brands that are sweet. My daughter’s teeth also turned yellow-ish when we used this particular brand of milk.

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