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Our Belo Baby Experience

So, what’s in a Belo Baby product?!

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3The people from Belo Baby guarantees us that their products are clinically proven to be gentle on the skin for everyday use. They selected ingredients which are safe, natural and gentle for our little ones, leaving the harmful chemicals which can cause sickness with long-term use.


I’m thankful that Belo Baby sent us their complete line to try. As with anything, I try it on myself first before the kids. Here’s our verdict:


Belo Baby Bar Soap

What strike me the most about the soap was it wasn’t slippery. It was easy to hold, which was a big plus when you’re giving a squirmy baby a bath! I liked that it wasn’t sticky but it also didn’t melt quite as fast as our ordinary soap. Z likes to play with it in the tub and it still looks the same size even after 2 weeks! That’s tipid!

Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion


This was the first Belo Baby product I got to try. At first, I was surprised that it had a sweet smell, different from the usual baby products which has little to no smell at all. But upon observation, it wasn’t a smell that would tick off sneezes. The sweet almond oil actually helped us to be relaxed. It’s now my new favorite scent!

In the sweltering heat, putting on lotion might be the last thing on your mind. It’s usually a sticky gunk, which feels heavy on the skin. But, Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion is different! I actually liked it, and that’s from someone who does not use lotion! My skin absorb it in an instant and I can really feel how my skin gets super soft! I’m always gigil with Y after putting this on her.

Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash


With this one, we first used it as a shampoo on Y. Since she just have a few hair strands (hehe!) we can just use one pump and her whole head will get cleaned already! Yaya was not too impressed because there were no bubbles. I explained to her that chemicals are the one responsible for bubbles. Since this has no chemicals, don’t expect to be a bubble-head! And because this is a double-duty product, it’s easy to bring along in trips and staycations. The whole family can use it, which was the case on our recent trip!

Belo Baby Cologne

The Belo Baby Cologne comes in three scents: Cool Drizzle, Sweet Snuggle and Happy Tickle. Z likes Cool Drizzle and even put one in his bag. Even when he is sweaty, we can still put cologne on him and the smells doesn’t mix. He always smell fresh and baby-like! My favorite is Sweet Snuggle and it is now a staple in my mommy-bag since it can also be used as a sanitizer. We use it to sanitize high chairs and grocery carts before Y sits. All variants are comforting; they trigger olfactory memories giving me warm and fuzzy feelings.

I highly recommend Belo Baby products to new and seasoned moms. For something made locally, it’s at par with imported baby products in terms of quality but without the harmful ingredients.

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