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3 Thoughts on Pilates

OMG. I did Reformer Pilates at OneLife Studio this morning and I died. HAHAHA. The last time I set foot in a gym was before my wedding, which was 6 years ago! My body is still shaking as I type here. OMG talaga. Sharing lang what was going through my mind as muscles I didn’t know I had was stretched and toned.

“If you can’t perform, japorm!”

Words of wisdom from Jackie, whose body shows off the wonders of Pilates and gym-ming! As soon as Cai and I agreed on the sched, the next thing on our mind was to shop for Pilates stuff! Yep, half the fun of signing up for a workout is buying active wear. Thankfully, my husband was supportive in that part (when I told him that I’ll do Pilates, his first question was “ano’ng isusuot mo?”) According to OneLife’s website, no special gym clothes needed, except for grip socks, which proved to be useful this morning. Since you’ll be using your feet to push you up the machine, your feet should well be protected.

This morning's #ootd. Toesox from Certified Calm, leggings from Nike.
This morning’s #ootd. Toesox from Certified Calm, leggings from Nike.

“It looked so easy on the video!”

I’m never, ever going to believe people who post workout videos again, hahaha! Warm-up palang I was thinking to myself “What did I get myself into?” Ok, I know I shouldn’t compare my level 1 to someone’s level 10 pero maaaaan, I really didn’t expect Pilates to be so challenging ha. Even the guy beside me had a difficult time!

Buuut, it’s definitely a workout I can stick to because:

  • it’s only for an hour! Y can survive without me for that long.
  • the studio is near our place and,
  • working out with friends is always more fun!
Haggardness na ako! Thanks for the pic, Michelle!
Haggardness na ako, while fresh pa si Cai, Jackie and Michelle! Thanks for the pic, Michelle! See you next week!

“I’m doing something for myself!”

I’m not getting any younger and sometimes I can hear bones cracking. It’s time I also invest in myself, in a fun way! Being away from my family for a little while is a breather. I can actually hear myself think. And you know what?! I was excited to be with my kids and give them my full attention, just because I had ONE hour to myself. Hindi nga ganon ka-pagod, I can still blog now hehe!

Okay… walang ATM pictures, because haggardness nga. Maybe next week when we come back! Join us?! πŸ™‚


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So, so, so glad you made it today Chessy! I love how your motivation is “investing in yourself”. I’m always a believer of how moms should have a few minutes of time for ourselves and away from our family to recharge. I’m glad that yours is something that’s fun and at the same time gonna keep you stronger! Yay! See you at the studio πŸ™‚

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