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Goodbye July!

Just a recap of our tedious July!

The end of July saw me starting on a fitness regimen: Pilates! Read about my thoughts about it on this post.
This little girl is learning to play on her own 🙂
My kids are addicted to Snapchat filters. But I don’t know the how-to’s of the app, haha! So I just save their pics and videos, which they like to watch and laugh at!
Been craving for crinkles so bad, turned out the nearest bakeshop had it! Will be posting more #crinkleschronicles on my Instagram. Crave with me!
A strong flu virus had us slowing down at the start of the month. Kids were having fever, coughs and colds alternately so this Mama had to give them full attention! In other news, I’m obsessed with these temporary watercolor tattoos!
Best foodie discovery for the month: McDonald’s Pancakes with Choco-Malt drizzle and crushed Chocolate Cookies!
Eating on her own, choosing clothes to wear, saying “no” to everything… Terrible Twos is here this early! Got to prepare, hahaha!
Yes to more breakfast places <3
Trying to create stuff with my hands so I’m back to Bullet Journal-ing, learning brush lettering and playing with stickers. Should I write more about this?!
Speaking of breakfast, I’ve been having breakfast dates with friends more often. It’s really nice to discover new breakfast places and just being with other moms! Looking forward to the next!

I hope August is just as eventful in a positive way! 2016, please slow down!

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