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It seems like everyone’s so busy these days – rushing to prepare the kids for school, braving the traffic, working on projects one after the other. Add to that, catching rare Pokemons! Hahaha!

Seriously though, who’s had time to hear themselves breathe?! Not the huff you do when your kids do not listen, ha! C’mon, try it: close your eyes; inhale through your nose; exhale through your mouth. Try to make each breathe the same length as the other. Quite relaxing, wasn’t it?

It’s one of the exercises I learned when I joined Mommy Mundo’s Mindful Mom Re-Treat last January. I had a half day all to myself, in the company of other moms, re-learning who we were before our kids came and affirming who we are as women in our present season.

It really was a TREAT to everyone present!
It really was a TREAT to everyone present!

Developed by Janice Villanueva, Michelle Alignay, and Jing Lejano, the Mindful Mom Re-Treat was a series of activity sheets, exercises and personal sharing, focusing on the most important part of your life: YOU! 

7 months after, I can say that the lessons imparted during the re-treat helped me a lot. Now, I don’t neglect my needs and put me-time on a regular basis. I take a bath alone (yes, this is a luxury!), have bi-weekly mani-pedi sessions, Pilates and breakfast with different people. It is by putting an importance on taking care of myself that I do a great job on taking care of my family. Whenever I come from my alone time, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated and raring to be the best mom I can be!

With Janice (, Paola ( and Audrey (
We took home a lot of goodies! I won the Mindful Mom cards I now use as a desk reminder.
We were treated to a lot of goodies!
We were treated to a lot of goodies!

This is an event definitely worthy of your time! So, join their third run happening this Saturday, August 13 at the Aruga Hotel in Rockwell. Two sessions are available, but slots are filling up fast so text 0908-865-7245 to reserve yours. Fee is just P800!


*Pictures from Mommy Mundo’s Facebook Page



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