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To My Kids’ Wowo: Happy Birthday!

My Papa is a man of few (or none at all!) words so I’ll keep this post short and sweet.

Growing up, I favored my Papa more because he never scolded me even if I did a lot of stupid adolescent decisions. You may perceive him to be the “weaker” parent but I’ll beg to disagree. Only a strong man can accept his gay son, and stand by his decision, even if society was dictating otherwise. Papa never made my brother feel questioned, unloved or unaccepted. And for that, I’m very proud to be his daughter.

Papa is a great dad; but he’s best at being Wowo.

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My kids look forward to Wowo Day, because they know it’ll be a day of playing, being spoiled and getting what they want! It’s heartwarming to see my kids enjoy their childhood because of my Papa, the way I did mine when it was just him and me in the province. I’ll forever be grateful for the times he would come over to the condo when I didn’t have household help, just so I could get some time off.

Happy, happy birthday Papa! I wish you more birthdays and more time with Z and Y! We love you Wowo!

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