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#IbalikAngFeeling with Johnson’s Milk+Oats

My main issue with my daughter’s skin is that dry patches seem to appear out of nowhere. So, when we got sent the new Johnson’s Milk+Oats baby bath and lotion, we tried it right away!

Johnson’s Milk+Oat 200mL Baby Lotion (P168.25) and Baby Bath (P100.75)

Did you know that squeaky clean skin isn’t healthy at all?! That squeaky feeling means that the skin is dry and can lead to skin irritation. Aside from squeaky-dry skin, flakiness, oiliness and rashes are tell-tale signs of unhealthy skin. With Johnson’s Milk+Oats, you’re on your way to healthy, moisturized skin because of its two components. Milk Proteins have been effective in: protecting skin against inflammation; stimulating skin regeneration; and improving skin softness, smoothness and complexion. Oats, on the other hand, contains Avenanthramides which has anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thank you Johnson’s and Ogilvy for sending us this basket!

My husband and I have been long-time users of Johnson’s Milk Bath. So the addition of oats was kinda weird, for me at least. I thought there would be pulverized oats in the bath and lotion, which will be hard to wash off. Apparently, Johnson’s Milk+Oats also has the same consistency as the Milk Bath. No oat scrub! I liked the scent of this better, too! After a month of using, my daughter’s dry skin is hardly noticeable.

We like it so much we bought the big pump bottle! It makes great bubbles for the tub too!
We like it so much we bought the big pump bottle! It makes great bubbles for the tub too!

#IbalikangFeeling ng healthy skin with Johnson’s Milk+Oats! We bought the big pump bottle (plus a refill pack) at Unimart. It should be available in all leading supermarkets, drug stores and department stores. But if you’re scared to go out because of the traffic, do online shopping instead! It is available on Zalora and accepts different payment methods for your convenience.

Thanks again Johnson’s and Ogilvy for sending us the samples to try. My daughter’s skin sends her love!

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