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Two Years of Ysabel!

I can’t believe that my baby girl is officially a toddler!


Two years went by too quickly and now you’re talkative, asserting independence (often times leading to tears from both of us!) and stating preferences on every thing! I love it that even though you tend to copy Kuya, you’d always find a way to make your mark in that act. You are very lucky to have a patient and loving big brother, please don’t abuse it!

At first, I was lost on how to bring you up. You see, you’re the only second-born in our family. Nevertheless, I know you are aware of your strengths now, that you can sway your Daddy and Kuya to do what you like.

I can’t wait to go on kikay dates with you as you’ve shown great interest in clothes, make-up, mani-pedi sessions and shopping! But for now, I’d treasure this fleeting moments you’d call yourself baby. I love you so much Ysabelly!

Alejandro Family - Sept 24 2016 Portrait Sessions - Photography by Lianne Bacorro-33

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