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Getting Help from the Toilet Helper

With poor food choices, I’ve been constipated my whole life. I remember when I was preggo, doing number 2 was such a terrifying experience that I had to take medicines lest I want to give birth right then and there. There’s so much grunting and pushing that I’ve always resorted to drinking teas and worse, suppositories!


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Thankfully, through Michelle, I was given a Toilet Helper to try!

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The Toilet Helper helps you achieve the proper pooping position, thus making you eliminate faster and without much fuss. It has helped me reduce being constipated and has not experienced any problem ever since.

So, how does it work?! You put the Toilet Helper by the toilet. And as you sit on the toilet, you’ll elevate your feet on it to achieve the 35-degree position – the ideal squatting position to eliminate seamlessly and comfortably. It doesn’t take too much space as it can just be pushed against the toilet when done using. Cleaning is a no-brainer as it can just be wiped clean with an all-purpose cleaner.

It’s definitely not just for adults as Z’s feet reaches it already and it lessened his grunting. No more dangling feet! I’ll post a pic of him sitting on the toilet but, it’ll be TMI!

So, getting help from the Toilet Helper is highly recommended! Visit their website now to order!

The Toilet Helper

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26 replies on “Getting Help from the Toilet Helper”

I didn’t think something like this could help so much. I’ve been seeing this on social media, and for someone who’s always in the bathroom, this might help 🙂 Thanks for sharing, love!

I’ve known about the proper pooping position but I’ve never heard of the Toilet Helper stool. May ganito pala! Well, apir tayo dyan, magka-club pala tayo. Hehe! Eat plenty of fiber rich food din sis and rolled oats in the morning. That would help a lot, too! 😀

Oooh this looks like the product with a funny advertisement I saw before! The one with the unicorn pooping lol. Aside from constipated people, it’s also nice to use this to help us practice the right, erm, defecating position 😀

This is great! I’ve been using doing tippy toes for sometime now and this is so much better kasi mas optimal yung position. A lot of preggy women in mummy group I co-admin had been asking about what’s the proper way and some had mentioned that they squat while stepping on the toilet rim. I find that rather dangerous kasi they might slip. This is a better alternative. 🙂

This looks cute! I would actually put my feet on a tiny stool when I do the #2 because I have read somewhere that it helps correct our posture for easier pooping. 🙂

I badly need a toilet helper pronto! Dealing with constipation is really hard- just imagine the heavy load you’ll feel inside your tummy and the extra effort to just push it while defecating. There is really a scientific way to correctly stimulate and support the muscles on the lower intestine where the poop stays..and I feel the difficulty each time. It’s draining me. Glad about this good news and this just gives me an idea to where is that low laundry stool?? Thanks.

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