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For My Mama, on Her Birthday

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When I sent this advice to Mommy Mundo for their planner, a huge part of it was from me truly understanding why my mom was how she was with me when I was growing up. You see, I was the typical rebellious hormone-raged teenager who wanted to be liberated from the rules of my parents. Thinking about it now, I’m really thankful that no matter how many times I bent over my mom’s rules, she didn’t give up on me and pushed me to be a better person (Sorry nalang Ma, you didn’t push hard enough to make me go into medicine!)

I know you think you are not a great mom, but you are! But you’re an even better Wawa! I can only be wish to be as strong as you when the day comes that my kids will be out partying!

Happy 55th birthday Wawa! We love you!
Happy 55th birthday Wawa! We love you!

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