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3 Reasons Why You Need A #TeamMom

Being a mom not only gained me my two adorable children but also mommy friends. Here are 3 reasons why you need a #TeamMom:

  • With a #TeamMom, you have a sounding board to vent without the fear of being judged. Your thoughts, no matter how silly, are accepted.
  • Your #TeamMom can serve as realistic inspirations because you know how hard they’ve worked to achieve their goals.
  • Realistically, some friendships end because they lose common ground. That won’t happen to a #TeamMom because you will be a mom forever! No matter what stage of parenting you are in, there will always be similarities to relate to and pieces of advice to keep. Your #TeamMom is your friends for life!

And one particular group I’m happy to call my #TeamMom is with my Pilates-mates: Michelle, Jackie and Cai. Because of them, I have a new-found passion in keeping fit and healthy, and days seem a little lighter through our online conversations. We’re featured as one of Mommy Mundo’s #TeamMom!

Team Mom Pilates

Mommy Mundo is the ultimate #TeamMom! It has been with me since I was pregnant with Z until now that I attend Mindful Mom Re-treat. My favorite Mommy Mundo shopping event, Expo Mom, is on its 10th year celebrating the different #TeamMoms around! The first leg is on May 5-7 at Glorietta Activity Center. Expect the latest in mom and baby care items, talks and freebies! This is open to everyone, with just a P25 entrance fee as donation to Mommy Mundo’s Momshare fund helping Childhope Asia Philippines.

Expo Mom 2017 poster

Expo Mom 2017 will also go around the country in search of  heartwarming and inspiring stories of #TeamMoms to help moms cope through challenges and celebrate successes.

You need not wait for Expo Mom to show your #TeamMom some love! By sharing your photo and a caption on why you love your group, you can win a trip to Taiwan or a staycation at Tagaytay. Join now!

Thanks again, Mommy Mundo, for sharing our story!

Thank you Janice, Jing and RJ for a fun photoshoot! Thanks also The Picture Company Rockwell.
Thank you Janice, Jing and RJ for a fun photoshoot! Thanks also The Picture Company Rockwell.

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