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Z’s Big Boy Bed

There will come a time that milestones will feel bittersweet.

Case in point: Z is now sleeping all by himself in his own bed but still in the same room with us.

This was taken on the first night he slept on his own bed! I’m proud of him! And proud of myself for not putting him back beside us!


His transition may seem abrupt, but he was asking for his own bed since last year. I think I was brushing the thought away because it will mean that he’s really a big boy already.

But, who am I kidding?!

He IS a big boy already. And while I’m happy that he is being independent, it means that he is needing me less, which kinda pinches my heart a little.

It wasn’t too long ago when I was wishing he could take a bath on his own, dress by himself, eat independently, wash his butt after he poops and read books by himself. And now that he can do all of these, I find myself asking him “Do you need my help?” And he would always say “Let me try” or “I can do it”.


My love forever <3
My love forever <3

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