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MomBrandLove is the newest category on this blog. This is in awe of mompreneurs who lovingly put a lot of effort in their business along with juggling tasks for kids, husband, the home and everything in between! I hope that my blog will be an avenue for other moms to discover mom-made products. Moms support moms, yeah!

There are times when careers take a backseat when one become a mom. But what if, that wasn’t really for you? You may have wanted to do that job but it wasn’t your passion? And through motherhood, that passion was restarted and is now a thriving business.

Such is the case of Atty. Marie Gonzales-Molina of The Sucrerie. From being a lawyer and an aspiring public official, she is now a cake artist making delectable sweet treats that look super amazing and tastes really, really good.

She made Z’s awesome Solar System cake when he turned 4.

Being a breastfeeding mama herself, she made the daintiest lactation cookies I’ve ever seen.

And just recently, I celebrated turning a year older with her lovely chocolate ganache cake with chocolate-filled strawberries.

Marie started baking because she had Gestational Diabetes during pregnancy but still wanted to have her cake, and eat it too! I had GD before and I know how hard it was to resist sugar. Why didn’t I think of baking, hahaha! I really admire her passion in cake artistry as she still attends classes to further her learning. That’s along with taking care of 3 kids! She’s a momspiration and I always look forward to her sharing of her kids’ cute but very insightful conversations.

The mom behind the brand.

Do follow The Sucrerie on Facebook and Instagram and be amazed at Marie’s creations 🙂

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Amazing cakes! I really love your son’s solar system cake and your chocolate cake. She sure is a talented baker — having GD and baking her own cake as a solution is brilliant!

Wow! I wish I can also learn how to bake, soon. I am running our industrial supply business but dreaming of having my own fashion brand. This is a very inspiring story, doing what you love is truly worth it.

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