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Happy 1st Anniv to Me and Pilates at Onelife Studio!

Hooray to me for sticking to Pilates for 1 whole year!!!

And I’m looking to more months with Onelife Studio as it has been my go-to place every morning after bringing the kids to school. Having a studio that supports and uplifts you is a major factor in a positive relationship with a workout. I’m super grateful for all the coaches and classmates in Onelife for pushing me and inspiring me to achieve a better body!

Coaches turned friends, Lara and Che.

After a year of doing Pilates, I’m not my high school body skinny. I still don’t have abs. My thighs still meet and my arms still jiggle.


I’m generally happier. Doing Pilates has helped me combat Post-Partum Depression because its a known fact that exercising releases endorphin, the happy hormone. Nowadays, going to Pilates is a motivation, not something I have to drag myself to. And after every session, I feel good about myself thus having a more positive mindset for the rest of the day.

My kids are getting bigger, becoming more active and has schedules busier than mine. I need to keep up with them and Pilates has been helping me be strong and healthy. I can’t remember the last time I got sick but as moms, you can never be sick. So, I really thank Pilates for keeping me healthy and mindful of my food intake. As Coach Tanya said, Pilates (or any workout that you like) should not be a punishment of your calorie intake, instead it should be a celebration of what your body can do! Happy calories, as she said, should not make you guilty (but take in moderately!)

Team Pilates Moms with Coach Tanya.

I’m highly passionate about improving my body but having abs or being stick thin isn’t really the goal. I have a list of moves in Pilates which I want to do seamlessly like the inversion, Snake and all the versions of Planking. I have a loooong way to go, but that’s just the beauty of it. Each day is one session closer to reaching my goals!

I’ve to perfect the Snake this year! 

I know, I know, I’m totally gushing over Pilates. I can’t help it! I has changed me and the way I treat my body!

Looking forward to more anniversaries in doing Pilates! Try it with me soon!



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