Parent Rep Gig

During my grade school to high school days, seeing a parent in school means that his/her daughter is probably in some kind of trouble. I only felt the presence of the Parent Officers during the preparation for Prom and Grad Ball.

So, it was to my amazement to see how active the Parents Representatives in my son’s school was. They are in-charge of a lot of school activities, especially the Family Day.

At last year’s Family Day!

Ang bongga ‘di ba.

That’s why as a current Parent Rep, I feel a little bit pressured to stage a Family Day like this.

So, if you’ve received a sponsorship letter from me, please reply positively. HAHAHA. Kidding. Or not. We really need help.

As a former teacher, I appreciate how the school stresses the importance of home-school partnership. And through Viber, the parents support and give tips to each other. It’s important that we also form a relationship because our sons will be together until Grade 12!

It’s just a little overwhelming to be handling a big of a job, after not working for almost 6 years. I’ve been bombarding the Parent Reps’ group with calendars, to-do lists and presentations. Thank you Google apps for making it easier! I like this kind of busy because I know that it’s also for Z.

Hopefully, this year’s Family Day, of which I’m part of the planning committee, makes a successful and fun event!

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