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Today should’ve been the last day of the enhanced community quarantine. But due to the curve not flattening yet, it’s been extended until the last day of April. Although, collectively in my viber groups, the feeling is the same that this will go on until there’s a vaccine or definite cure.

Slow living.

The past 30 days was rather fast, in all honesty. The kids get me preoccupied as well as the numerous shelves of toys, materials, and what-nots to be sorted out. And I’m really thankful that Z and Y completely understand why we need to stay home. Being a stay-at-home mom for almost 10 years kinda has it perks, haha. It’s also a big factor that we live with Bry’s family and have other people to talk to (and to give the kids and me time away from each other!)

I took a break from social media for two weeks to filter out info and busied myself with reorganizing our room. But I’m really thankful that we have the internet and chat groups to still be connected throughout this pandemic. Imagine if there’s no Netflix or Facebook Messenger or Zoom! Kagulo. A lot might slip into depression and anxiety. Yeah, there are moments of anxiousness – are the kids on the iPad too much? are the kids eating well? Oh no, the kids are sneezing! I’m putting too much weight! – those stuff. But I’m comforted by the fact that we’re all together at this time.

Daily convos with my mom and her siblings. I feel like we’re more connected now than ever.

Too much rambling, I know. But I just renewed my hosting so I’ve to blog, hehe! Took advantage of the sale so here I am! And what better way to look back at this pandemic, than with your own experiences. It’ll be a good story to tell to the kids when they’re much older!

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