Hi, I’m Chessy!

Hello! I’m Chessy – wife, mom, homemaker, shopper and blogger.


I got married to Bryan in 2010 after three years of being boyfriend-girlfriend. Our love story is one for the books with all its ups and downs. I’m grateful that my partner in life understands my passion, whims and tantrums. And as anything in life, our relationship is a work in progress.

I’m Mommy to two adorable kids, Z and Y, whom this blog is dedicated to. They are my reasons for breathing and waking (very early!) up each day. Through this blog, I’ll try to chronicle my evolving parenting style, lessons I learn through hands-on experiences, and the big and small victories that come with mommyhood.

My blogging life dates back to my grade school days when I got an account with Livejournal. I had accounts in different platforms like Xanga, Easyjournal, and Tumblr. But those were all random stuff. It’s only when I became a mom that I took blogging seriously as I’ve found a niche I’m comfortable to write about and share to the world. My mommy-blogging actually started when I was pregnant with my first child. I was put to bed rest by the start of the third trimester, and when no one to talk to, I’d just put my thoughts out on the world wide web. Since then, I consider blogging as my me-time, my outlet to connect to the rest of the world after being mommy for a whole day. Thankfully through blogging, I’ve met good friends, worked with a number of mom and baby brands, and earn a little.

As a shopper, I’m all for supporting local brands and mompreneurs. I’m hoping that my blog will be an avenue for these awesome ladies to showcase their products and talents. This advocacy led to a new blog category – MomBrandLove.

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