Cheesy Chessy Tried and Tested

Y’s 3rd Birthday

For someone *just* turning 3, Y was very focused on how the celebration should be! She had a say on every little detail and considers it to be her “happiest day ever!” and still talks about it until now. She was very adamant that the party be held in her school so she will be […]

Cheesy Chessy

My Philosophy on Giving

Someone asked me what my philosophy on giving was a few months ago and I didn’t know how to answer. But thinking about it now, and digging deeper into my core, I have a concrete answer. Although it is a selfish one, it is something I know that will further fuel this passion I’m feeling. […]

Tried and Tested

Now Open: Active Fun in Shoppesville

We were thrilled to know that Active Fun has a branch very near to us! This means an easier way to plan after-school play dates. Z and Y checked it out and we liked what we saw. The area is divided into two – a pretend play area and a more active playground type. You […]