A Blessed Easter to All!

Z is still too young to understand Lent and Easter and join Easter egg hunts but he is old enough to enjoy an egg-citing activity: EGG SHAKERS!

All you need are plastic eggs (P60.00 from Rustan's)
Put in some noise makers such as coins, seeds, buttons...
Seal with clear tape to keep the small parts away from baby.
Let your kid enjoy!

Okay, so Z enjoyed mouthing it rather than shaking the eggs! His little hands can’t hold it for too long though, he enjoys when I shake them!

Plastic eggs can be a source of other activities such as:

  • Identifying, matching, sorting colors.
  • Developing fine motor skills in opening and closing the egg.
  • Sound isolation.
  • Rolling the eggs and checking who rolled it farthest.

How did your Easter celebrations go? I hope we do not forget who this holiday is for. Take time to say a little prayer of thanks, if not for Him, time with our family is impossible.

Happy Holy Week!

life's important lessons

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Is there such greeting? To most, Holy Week is a few days off from work to spend on the beach or somewhere leisurely. We’re included in that group. Not that we do not respect the holiness of this week, but it’s a time when we’re all together. I, personally, have made sacrifices in lieu of this Catholic tradition. Sacrifices, or possibly life-changers, which I know will make me a better mom.

  • Hearing Mass weekly. As a mom, I want to instill little family rituals early on to my son. I want him to remember that as a family, we go to church and pray. I must admit that I wasn’t a church-goer before, because my family isn’t akin to doing so. I’ve to thank my husband for this as he was the one who encourage for us to do this.
  • Pray. I often catch myself praying more than usual. Ever since I became a mom, my prayer was to always keep my family healthy and out of danger.
  • Eat healthily. One of the Holy Week tradition I had a hard time following was to not eat meat on Fridays. You see, I loathed fruits and was not in love with vegetables. I am as carnivorous as a T-rex. But this year, I started opening up to fruits, veggies and fish. I’ve even experimented with a lot of dishes that can be added to my cooking repertoire. Part of being a mom is serving healthy dishes and being a good example of a healthy eater. I don’t want my son to grow up like me. I’ll be posting my foodventures on this blog soon!

What were your sacrifices this Lenten season? Are you planning to keep them even after the Holy Week?

Time flies by when you’re having fun…

I was looking at the calendar this morning and realized that in 2 weeks, you’ll be turning 6 months already. ¬†YOU’RE HALF A YEAR ALREADY!!! Now, where did the days go?! It seems just yesterday you were a peanut in my uterus. And now, you’re almost the same size as our pillow.

The sixth month has great things in store for you my love. I’m excited to feed you “semi-solids” made from scratch. You’ll also be joining a swim class. There’s also out-of-town trips awaiting and my first birthday celebration as a mommy!

But then, I want to savor each day I can still call you baby. I’m getting sentimental right now as I’m thinking of the days we’ve spent together. You never ceases to amaze me and every time I look at you, I feel so blessed.

So, before you turn a month old (again!), here are the things you’re busy with now:

  • You like sleeping on your side just like Mommy and Daddy. I don’t know if it’s good for your bone development but you’re sleeping through the night, so I let you!

    Side Sleeping March 25, 2012
  • You appreciate your toys more. Before, they were just decorations in your crib but now, you reach for them, put them in your mouth, study how to play them.
  • We can easily tell if you like something or not. Most of the time though, you show happiness and we’re super okay with that!
  • It’s getting hard to change your nappy and put on your clothes because of your increasing mobility.
  • You don’t nurse in public as often as before. You want to join in the conversations and people watch.

I’m having so much fun being your Mommy. There may be days when I don’t have sleep nor time for myself but it comes with the territory. Sleep can wait but not your growing up. I’m slowly accepting the fact that you’ll grow up and might need me less, but isn’t that a sign I’ve raised you well?