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Our #MYOH2017 Experience

Z and I had a fun time at our first Make Your Own Havaianas event! Havaianas has been a staple in my wardrobe, especially during college days when it was very cool to go to class with that just-got-out-of-bed look. It was just a great time to share a piece of my “childhood” with Z, […]

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ExpoKid 2017 Discoveries

Summer’s fast approaching! That means it’s time for the kids to explore what’s beyond the four corners of the classroom. Here are a few discoveries we made when we visited ExpoKid last week that you might want to check out: In this day and age, learning how to make a computer work is a must. […]

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Staycation at Shangri La Fort

We welcomed 2017 with a much-needed respite at Shangri La Fort. Here’s a quick tour of our Deluxe King room priced at 10,000++. Honestly, I expected more given the price tag. I liked the bed and pillows of Discovery Primea more maybe because it felt softer, like I was sinking into the mattress. With Shangri […]