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Fight Like a Girl: Get Checked and Protected at HealthCube + a Giveaway

Just two years ago, a very dear friend passed away due to Breast Cancer. In her blog posts, she shared her medical treatment, what steps to take and would always remind her readers to get checked as soon as they suspect something. Breast Cancer may hit anyone, no matter how healthy you are. There is […]

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Mothers Who Brunch x Discovery Primea [Part 2]

You can read the first part HERE. On the 3rd floor of Discovery Primea, you’ll find the amenities offered in the hotel. Yup, you read that right. There’s a chapel in the hotel. The Chapel of the Annunciation is solemn and serene with marble and wood design ┬áIt was designed by the same architect who […]

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How To Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke

The current theme of my life is “investing“. I’m investing on my health which is why I’m doing Pilates; I’m investing on this blog which is why I’m diligently updating it; I’m investing on my relationship with my husband which is why we’re having breakfast dates regularly now. In a sense, my “investing” is to […]