Cheesy Chessy

2nd of February

As I was cutting your nails, I realized it was easier because your nails are stronger. You’re growing right before my eyes. Slow down, little one, Mommy can’t keep up…


Cheesy Chessy

Why Breastfeeding Works for Me

I won’t go into detail the benefits of breastfeeding to babies. A lot of blogs illustrated those very clearly. Being a first time mom, I’ve encountered numerous reactions regarding my choice of feeding my child. Sadly, not all of them are encouraging. So to all negatrons, this blog post is for all of you…

Free. We don’t need to pay any amount to provide sustenance to my baby. What could be more better than that, right? I just wish that I could get paid for it, though! Haha, I hope my husband get to read this!

Convenience. My husband and I are mall rats, so taking the baby along is fairly easy. I just need a couple of nappies and wet wipes and we’re ready to go! (but that isn’t always the case because I tend to pack 10 nappies!) I can’t imagine lugging 4-5 bottles, water and formula when travelling. I also don’t need to sterilize and clean bottles. That’d be heaps of work, taking away time for the baby!

Quality Time. Breastfeeding gives me the chance to always, always have skin-to-skin interaction with my baby which is beneficial to his development.

Rest. Nursing my child gives me the quiet time I need physically and emotionally. It allows me to gather my thoughts and reflect about life… Or topics to put in this emerging mommy blog 🙂

So, yeah, these are the things that’ll make me nurse my child for as long as I can.

Cheesy Chessy

Z’s Birth Story

3 months ago…

At the start of my 37th week, I was due for a check up, in which my doctor gave the go signal that I could give birth any time. She also taught me how to push and reminded me to log any pain I’ll experience from then on.

Maybe the baby in my tummy heard the go signal, because at 2 am, I started experiencing menstrual-like cramps. Being the good student that I am, I made a chart to log in my contractions


I also remembered not to take in anything but sips of water. Come 8 am, the contractions intensified but I still managed to take a bath. I *calmly* woke up my husband to take me to the hospital because it is time already. I knew he was monitoring me all night long and was just waiting for me to say something.

We got to the hospital and we found out that I was 5 cm already! Because my baby follows everything by the book, I dilated 1 cm per hour. So, more or less I was in labor for 12 hours! Good thing I had epidural already or else I would’ve passed out from the pain!

Pushing the baby out was seamless and very different from the movies! What was very uncomfortable was the number of spectators! My mom’s interns were all present with their camera phones on hand. Good thing because we forgot our own cameras!

As soon as Z came out, he was placed on my chest for immediate skin-to-skin contact and latching. When he was brought to the nursery for cleaning and checking, I felt woozy and light headed from a sudden drop in my blood pressure. I just closed my eyes for a while but was never unconscious. My mom gave me a sip of coke and a slice of pizza right there at the delivery table!


Z was roomed-in with me and though it was a sleepless night, it surely was worth it.