Z goes to HK – Meeting Mickey Mouse!

We planned to do Disneyland on the first day so that we’ll have a lot of energy and catch the fireworks since we’re staying in the Disneyland Resort. Well, it was what we planned but it didn’t happen that way! Z was so amazed, stressed, distracted that he always wanted to go under the nursing cover and sleep! And because the weather was a bit erratic, we felt moist and hot at the same time that we decided to go back to the hotel even before the fireworks started. So much for planning, huh? (good thing I wasn’t on a total OC mode then. You can never be OC with schedules when with a baby. A lesson learned months ago!)

At least my goal of Z meeting the famous mouse happened! Look at the happiness on his face:

Peek-A-Boo with Mickey Mouse

I know he wouldn’t remember a thing about this trip but this picture says it all. My heart melted.

Oh, he got to ride “It’s A Small World”! He didn’t know where to look at! Too much visual stimulation for the wee one.

As usual, there are lessons learned after this experience:

  • Expect rains even when the weather report tells otherwise. Be prepared for the little ones’ articles of clothing and rain equipment.
  • Download the HK Disneyland app to help facilitate in looking for changing rooms, toilets and restaurants where you can sit and nurse. We find the people there not so friendly.
  • Don’t scrimp on pictures! The print-outs can be costly but they are nice souvenirs to show the baby when he grows up. The 8×10 print-out with borders and add-ons cost HK$ 130.

I can’t wait to go back to Disneyland when Z can go on rides! I know he’ll love it there!

Z goes to HK – The Airplane Ride

First stamps on Z's passport 🙂

This is probably my most dreaded part of the trip. Horror stories from families being escorted off the plane to babies crying non-stop to flights being delayed and all. An aunt also got me cautious about flying with PAL because of the undesirable treatment they had.

To my happiness (and surprise), it was a smooth-flying airplane ride to and from Manila!

The only concern was how to eat with an infant on my lap. Since we didn’t opt to get seats with the bassinet (Z won’t fit, anyway), the husband and I planned to take turns eating. But during the flight to HK, Z slept soundly on my chest after breastfeeding (for the air pressure not to hurt his ears). So, Mr. Bry126 had to feed me like a toddler!

I felt really sad for the baby who was crying all the way from Manila to HK. I guess the only way to prevent it is to be prepared with distractions, food and toys for the baby. And a lot of cuddling, walking and confidence for the parents. Never mind the on-lookers, they wouldn’t be able to calm your baby anyway.

I suggest choosing seats which can be reclined fully (meaning, no seats behind) so you can be comfortable when the baby sleeps. Some choose bulk seats so no one can recline towards them, or so that the baby won’t disturb the people seating in front. In our case, we were seated at the last row during the flight going to HK, which meant that I was fully reclined while Z was sleeping on me. However, going back to Manila was a different story. We were in normal seats (with people in front and behind us) and Z was super awake! Thankfully, Z was well-behaved all throughout the flight and didn’t cause any stir. Except when the flight attendants mush how cute he is! I guess for longer flights, a business class seat is a must… A must save, that is!

I’ve yet to post a picture of Z on the plane!

What are your airplane stories with your little ones? I’m excited to travel again with my baby boy!

Hello there, June!

And hello, blogging world! Mommy Ches is back! I slacked off, yeah, but I’m back with a lot of lessons and tips from the two month hiatus. So, be ready for a lot of posts this month including:

  • Our family trip to Hong Kong
  • Birthday party planning
  • Foodie experiments
  • Z’s milestones and developments

I’m also excited to move to my own domain sometime this month! More online opportunities for me to explore. And if you want to sponsor a giveaway as I re-launch my blog, do send me an email at mrsbry126[at]gmail[dot]com.

June has always been the month for new beginnings, possibilities and challenges. I’m so ready for you, June, bring it on!