Busy Momma Bee!

Oh wow! I haven’t posted for a long time! My drafts are just waiting for pics, that I should upload soon.

I’m quite busy with a lot of things, and I don’t dare open the lappy or else, I’ll just window-shop through the many online stores I’ve discovered through my twitter-friends!

Z’s birthday bash is coming along just fine. Though there are still many things to be polished, I’m happy that we’re on track and even if we got a popular theme, we still managed to make it personalized. I can’t wait to blog about the party preps! Oh, we’re also doing an outreach at an orphanage as a way of thanksgiving for one happy year with our baby.

I’ve also been doing part-time editing jobs. Just enough to buy myself a blouse or a pair of shoes once a month. Does that mean I’m a WAHM already?!

And then there’s the taking care of Z. He’s starting to stand on his own and tries to walk too! But, whenever I’m the one playing with him, all he wants to do is latch! That’s why I let him have play time with Ate Nida without me in sight. Don’t get me wrong, I love nursing him. But he needs to play also!

I hope to be a better blogger after all the birthday hulla-balloo! For more updates, like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter!

Happy 11th Month, Z!

It’s the last month you’re considered as an infant.

I’m going to savor each day before you turn a year old!

Mommy’s going to miss his baby. But I know the toddler years will be more exciting!

But that’s looking too far ahead.

One more month of being Mommy’s chubby-wubby.


As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be...

Christmas Came In Early: Z’s Two Front Teeth

Baby Buck Teeth clappstar via Compfight

Z’s first teeth has finally erupted (first 2 on top; one on the bottom at the start of the week) and I can’t say that I’m ecstatic about it. I feared for my nips when he wants milk. Fortunately, no biting incident has happened (YET!) and thanks to this post, I think I know what to do.

I must admit though that taking care of teeth isn’t my forte. My teeth are stained due to years of smoking and caffeine-intake. And pregnancy made it even worse. So because of this waterloo, I immediately scheduled Z a visit to the dentist. It is really the parents’ responsibility to take care of their little one’s pearly whites!

We went to Dentista, Inc. located at the 5th floor of Shangri La Mall. There, Z was checked by Dr. Krishna De Guzman, a pediatric dentist.

Say "aahhh"!

Dr. De Guzman told us a few things:

  • Supervised brushing should continue until 6 years old.
  • Even at this early, Z’s teeth should be brushed with fluoride-free toothpaste twice a day.
  • After every nursing, wipe Z’s teeth and gums with a wet gauze to prevent the milk from staying too long. This should also be done by those feeding infants with formula as there’s greater amount of sugar present.
  • Give water after eating solids so that no food particle will stay in the mouth.
  • Fruit juices should be watered down to decrease the amount of sugar present.
  • Do not use “the dentist” as a means to let your kids follow you. This will give a negative impression on the dentist, making the kids fearful of the next visit.
Here’s to hoping that I could take care of Z’s pearly whites way better than I did with mine! Care to share your brushing rituals and habits with your kids?! For future reference 🙂