Breastfeeding FAQs

Nope, I’m not a lactation counselor yet (I will research on how to be one soon) but I’ve been breastfeeding for 10 months now. And during these months, I’ve heard a number of statements or questions regarding my sustenance for Z, most of them I find rather funny. Since it’s Breastfeeding Month, it’s timely and fitting for this post, in my hopes of encouraging mommies to choose the best for their babies! Continue reading “Breastfeeding FAQs”

Pray for the Philippines!

Taken on Tuesday morning

If this was how it was 40+ stories above the ground, then imagine the damage the monsoon rains was causing to the people in low-lying areas and those living near creeks and rivers?! Pictures on TV and Facebook show the damage non-stop raining has caused, and my heart is crushed every time. Now that I’m a mommy, I feel for the babies trapped in flooded homes and struggling in the evacuation centers. I just can’t believe that a mayor said that floods are a “natural”¬†occurrence in some of these areas. How can that be? And why would we let people settle in places where floods are considered to be “natural”?

But, it is in these distressing times that the true meaning of “bayanihan” is shown. I admire the courage of the Philippine Navy, Army, Coast Guard who are doing the best they can to help those who are stranded on the roofs of their houses. Sadly, some do not want to be rescued in fear that their homes will be washed away by robbers. Media people should also be commended for their no-fear take on reporting the news, immersing themselves in flood waters even. I do hope they take precautions in doing so.

We ask everyone all over the world to please PRAY FOR THE PHILIPPINES! The rains may have stopped but the bigger problem still exists. Let’s pray that the distraught be blessed with a lot more strength and positiveness as they rebuild their life back. Let’s pray for the government officials that they make sound decision about what to do next in order to avoid calamities like this. Let’s pray for the children who are the true victims in this unfortunate situation.

The monsoon rain is not the problem. It’s the poor urban planning and improper waste disposal that caused the flooding. Let’s all do our part in educating our children to reduce, reuse and recycle for a greener future.

My Breastfeeding Idols

As I said before, nursing a child is a task that are done by everyone in the child’s immediate environment. I owe my breastfeeding success to my husband, parents, in-laws and those who always comment on how healthy Z is looking. Personally, I owe my determination and perseverance in breastfeeding to these ladies who’ve inspired me to choose the best for my baby:

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