Pork Floss Toast

I confess… I’ve been addicted to this since I bought one at Baker’s Fresh in Shangri La Mall. It has been our snack after Z’s Kindermusik Class every Saturday. So to save a few pesos, I bought 100 grams of pork floss from Aji Ichiban and decided to make my own! Been munching on this for 2 weeks now!

I guarantee you, it’s so yummy!

Tell me when you’ve tried making this snack for your family, ok?!

Baby Shopping + A Giveaway!

I must admit that my husband and I went overboard with shopping for the wee one, even while he was in my tummy. We wanted to be prepared for his coming and who doesn’t like shopping, right?! I’m thankful that two of my aunties e-mailed me their own “things-to-buy-for-baby” list. The lists had similar items: tie-side shirts, mittens, booties, cap, pajamas, rompers, burp pads, etc. But both lacked one item: SHOES.

One of my shopping lists for Z

Well, why would a newborn need shoes anyway?! I was fine with not buying shoes, since there had been studies that it might constrict the development of the feet. Babies’ feet do grow at a fast rate so getting a pair would rather be costly, if we do not use it as often. There were also socks that looks like shoes which are available in the stores. But then, an outfit without shoes, is not an outfit at all! It didn’t feel right and the OC subconscious kept nagging on me.

I want shoes, Mommy!

Fortunately, new mommies like me need not fret about an incomplete outfit. Shoes that are safe for developing feet are now available in the market through TIP TAP SOFT SOLES! Backed by years of product and market research, this is the answer to every mom’s shoe fetish!

Keeping baby safe and happy – Safety and comfort
Keeping your baby’s feet healthy is one of Tip Tap’s top priorities which is why some
key product features were developed to address this. First of all, the materials used in
producing Tip Tap are all non-toxic and safe from any hazardous substances. Secondly, the
materials used are soft so as not to hurt their feet.
Lastly, and more importantly, during the early stages when the muscles of the baby’s
feet are developing, it is important to make early walking easier and safe. Therefore, Tip Tap
designed its own flexible non-slip sole to provide them with support and additional skidprotection as they start to take their first steps.
Making baby look great all the time – Fashionable
No outfit is complete without shoes so we came up with light and fun designs for your
babies. These designs will also be regularly updated with new styles and themes.
Getting more than what you pay for – Value-for-money
One major concern of parents when it comes to buying soft soled shoes is getting their
money’s worth since they have to spend so much on a shoe only to have their baby outgrow it
in a few months. This is why Tip Tap decided to make its soft soles affordable with a price point
of P450. By doing so, we seek to make it not only more accessible to parents but easier and
more practical to buy. — From Tip Top Soft Soles Press Kit

A complete outfit for Z!

Doesn’t Z look cute in his Tip Tap?! Personally, I like Tip Tap Soft Soles because they are easy to put on Z’s feet, meaning: there aren’t strains put on his pre-walkers. The materials used are baby-safe and the price will not put a dent on the wallets.

The good news is, one of Tip Tap’s resellers, Baby Nate’s Online Shop, is giving away 2 pairs of Tip Tap Soft Soles through this blog. There are 2 ways to enter:

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Alone on a Saturday Night

Zzzzzing Z


Well, not exactly alone because your here, beside me, sleeping the night away. It was a tiring Saturday for you, as we went to our Kindermusik preview with Dr. Liz, then went around the mall (again!) and then ate at Cibo with Mamita. Your a friendly little baby as you smile to everyone who’s noticed you. You even wanted to go with two pretty girls who played with you! I got you broccoli and cheese munchies, which you can easily chew and throw on the floor, when it’s too soft already! I let you taste pasta and a little bit of bread which you liked very much!



I always feel emotional as I stare at you, in deep slumber, every night. You like sleeping on your side, legs wrapped around a pillow, just like me and Daddy. Half of the bed belongs to you, the smallest member of the family. Which only means you’re growing, and you’ve grown really fast, it’s as if I just blinked and here we are, just waiting for a few months before you turn a year old.

That’s a bittersweet thought. You at 1. And yes, I had to stop typing to wipe away my tears. By then, you’d be walking, talking, start being a brat, you might even be nursing less but you’d always be my baby. Just what I always say to you every night…

I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always… As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be…