Birthday Giveaway!

It’ll be my birthday in a few days and it’s fitting to have a giveaway as a way of giving back. I’ve been blessed this past year and it’s high time to pay it forward.

Fortunately, one of Z’s godmothers, Ninang Tetel, is a budding online entrepreneur. She owns the very fab Fabulousa Closet on Facebook and is very generous in sponsoring my first ever giveaway! Check out what she’s giving away to 1 lucky reader!

Hot items up for grabs! Black Floral tube top fits small-medium frame, Smile neck piece, Red beaded bracelet.

Who wouldn’t look scorching hot in this ensemble, right?! Perfect for summer and the imminent beach getaways!

This is open to anyone in the world! Just follow the steps to join:

  1. Add Fabulousa Closet on Facebook.
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  6. Leave a comment on this post with the following:
  • email address
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Contest is open from April 12 – 26. Winner will be generated by Good luck to everyone!

Happy 6th month, Z!

My dear Zoren baby,

We just got home from your 6th month celebration at Mamita’s house. Wowo and wowa were there and also your two ninongs. Yaya Lot celebrated her birthday as well! We had a lot of food, though you can’t eat any of them yet! Mommy tried baking banana cupcakes but it didn’t turn out to be successful. Don’t worry, I’ll try again next month!

This month is all about new beginnings and changes for you, little one! We’ve started with semi-solids already and you’ve taken a liking for it. You’re starting to be more mobile these days, making nappy changes harder! Daddy and I are thinking about attending swimming classes with you as soon as your doctor gives us the go signal. Your Kindermusik will still be every Saturday. Are you excited for the new songs and activities? I sure am!

At the start of your 6th month, we think you’re experiencing the pains of teething. Though I haven’t felt anything, you’ve been drooling quite excessively and been really fussy. I must admit, I’m not ready yet. I don’t have any idea how feeding you will go. I’m also scared of the side effects of cutting the first tooth. But we’ll go through it together, baby boy.

I still can’t believe you’re half a year old already! It’s thrilling getting to know you day by day. You never ceases to amaze is, and everyone who sees you. I love you with all of me my baby. Always and forever.


Z’s First Road Trip

Vroom, vroom!

Technically, Z went out of Metro Manila last January. But that was for a wake, so we can’t consider that, right? So, last week was Z’s official first trip out of town! Here’s a rundown of your firsts:

  • First time to stay in a new house. Thankfully, Z didn’t experience any discomfort or uneasiness in sleeping on a new bed.
  • We visited MV Logos Hope, the floating bookstore and it was his first time on a ship! And it was a first time for us to nurse in a ship as well!!!
  • Z also got to visit the house his Daddy grew up in. He saw goats and chickens but wasn’t fascinated yet.
  • We bought Z to 2 different bars but he was sound asleep in both!

I learned a lot from this trip which merits another entry! I’m just happy to have spent holidays with both sides of the family. It’s a tradition I hope that Z will grow up to.

Tell me, how did you spend your days off?! I’d love to read your stories 🙂