Z Loves: Bumbo Chair

One of Z’s godmothers gave him a Bumbo Chair last Christmas. She had it shipped from the US that’s why we just got it on February. The timing of the gift’s arrival was just right since Z was starting to hold his head steadily.

The main concern in using the Bumbo was if his thighs were going to fit! Needless to say, my baby boy’s gifted with BIG THIGHS! And we were so happy that he fits, maybe a bit snug, but he does!

Z in his Bumbo Chair

Aside from the orthopedic issues and accident reports, we like the Bumbo Chair for the following reasons:

  • It gives Z a new view. After months of lying down on his back (and occasional tummy time), he can now see his environment in a different perspective.
  • It can be Z’s feeding chair! We’re still unsure if we need to buy a high chair given our very limited space so this could suffice for the meantime. There are legs that can be attached to it to make it look like a high chair but it doesn’t look safe to us.
  • We can interact with him face-to-face. I really like it when I see his face when I’m showing him a book or singing nursery rhymes with him. These moments just melt my heart <3

Of course, with any baby paraphernalia, utmost caution and care is required. We never leave Z alone in the Bumbo. And to be safe, we put pillows around him in case of any incident now that he’s gaining mobility.

While it is a great innovation, I don’t deem the Bumbo to be a necessity. Babies will learn to sit on their own so there will be no need for support anymore.

Z seems to enjoy sitting on it (but only for less than an hour!) and anything given is well-appreciated in our household!

The Day(s) Z Got Sick

Hours after his second dose of 6 in 1 vaccine, Z was his usual jolly self. We thought that it would be just like before, when he didn’t get fever. But lo and behold, he was lethargic, teary-eyed and fussy upon waking up the next day. I felt really sad seeing my baby boy in such a bad state but he still managed to smile at the camera.

So, it was another learning experience for Mommy-Me, an ordeal that we moms do not want to go through ever again. I know I’ve got years ahead to encounter a sick, it is inevitable but here are a few things that will help me in the years to come:

  • Listen to the pedia about the possible effects of the vaccine. We were told that the fever and fussiness may come in 2 days after the vaccine. After that, the sickness may be from another source.
  • Be prepared. Even though Z didn’t get sick before, I already had my stock of paracetamol to combat the fever. You may want to have Kool Fever available also but Z preferred the old-school towel trick on the forehead.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. Z was really fussy and didn’t want to be put down. He liked sleeping on my chest so that’s how we slept for one whole night, if I really slept! It also helped that my husband was a night owl that he looked after Z (and me!).
  • Have healthy snacks available to help you stay awake at night. High-fiber bread and crackers and apples worked for me! Since I nursed Z on demand (he was nursing every hour!!!), water was a must to keep me hydrated and awake!
  • We played classical music to help calm Z and my anxiety! Mozart rocks! And so does Vivaldi!
  • And as in everything in life, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!

Preparation is really the key for unforeseen circumstances!