What’s in a name?

Day 1


Way before getting pregnant, the Mr. and I would always call our future offspring “Rumble”. I think he was dead set on having a boy as his first born. True enough, “Rumble” did always cause rumbling in my tummy as early as 18 weeks. His movements inside my uterus were really strong that everyone touching my tummy always felt something.

But we know hell would break loose if we put Rumble on his birth certificate! Imagine the horror on the parentals faces! So as soon as we saw something in between his legs, the name search began.

Or so I thought. My husband already liked Ryan. I didn’t. It was common. I wanted something unique, something which will set my little boy apart. So I pursued Zoren. And thankfully, it sounded really good together 🙂

My husband wanted Ryan because it sounded like his name. I eventually liked it because it means “little king”.

Zoren is Renzo with the syllables interchanged. Renzo is my brother in law, who passed away on December of 2010. The week of his 40 days celebration was the week I know I got pregnant! It must mean something, right?!

And upon googling, I found out that Zoren is an alternative to Zoran, which means “sultan”. Therefore, my son is a born leader! Coolness!

Thank you legallymama for the idea 🙂

4 months into mommyhood

They say that the only constant thing in this world is change. And, once I became a mom that’s been the only thing happening to me. Four months into this journey (or 12, since you start becoming a mom since egg meets sperm) and I know my life took a complete turn.

For one, I’m not self-centered anymore. Everything is about our little king to which I don’t have qualms about! Once you become a mom, your needs will be the last thing on your mind as there are more important matters to take care of. But that doesn’t mean forgetting about yourself. There are countless ways on how to prevent being a “losyang” mom. In fact, mommyhood gives me that happy glow (nevermind the eye bags) and boobies that were never there! I’m enjoying a “fuller” body, which makes clothes look good on me 😉 Health-wise, I’m now eating fruits and veggies and I’m trying to stay away from fast foods, processed foods and junk foods. Operative word: trying.

By feeding on demand, my usual OCness on schedules have taken aback. I’ve to rely on my baby on what to do. Thankfully, he’s somewhat falling into a routine these days; wake up at 6-7am, poop, take a bath, nap, playtime, nap, playtime… sleep at 8pm. Feedings are still every 2 hours. I depend on his schedule as to when I’ll take a bath, dress up (to prevent my clothes from being soiled), do errands and most importantly, sleep. I realize that having a baby means having a schedule with no schedule. Weird but it works!

Now that I’m a mom, every little thing matters. A red patch on the face, a not so seedy poop, a new sound he makes… I’m like a CSI agent! And these observations turn me into a worry wart that our pedia may already have a template for me saying “it’s normal” to every text message I send to her. Can’t blame me, I’m a mommy! But as I’m slowly learning, I can’t have every little thing bother me (and my pedia with my late night texts). There’s always Google to appease my fumbling mind.

Unsolicited advice goes hand in hand with motherhood. Be it from a relative, a lady from the grocery, the security guards in the condo, name it and they have something to say about how you should take care of your child. Instead of retorting to every remark, I carefully choose my battles. If it’s harmless, I’d let it pass. But if it’s about breastfeeding or spoiling my baby with always being carried, that’s when I bring out the guns, uhm, the research exactly. I’d rather save my energy for my next feeding session than to have a senseless debate since all babies are different!

I’ve noticed that as a mom, I am now more emotional, caring, doting, feminine and sensitive. I guess motherhood can melt even the coldest heart.

We’re all in this together!

“Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (February). For this month, we focus on back to basics. Participants will share advices – either the best breastfeeding advice they received OR/AND the best breastfeeding advice they can give to new moms. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.”

If you think breastfeeding is between a mom and her child, I’ll prove you otherwise. When we got pregnant, I made the decision to breastfeed knowing its health benefits and the amount of money we could allot for other things than formula. My husband was cool about it (especially the financial part) but the rest of the family, well, they were a bit apprehensive. No water?! No bottles?! No vitamins?! How will the baby survive?!

Being the nerd that I am, I read and read articles and blog entries regarding breastfeeding. I surely learned a lot! We also attended Breastfeeding 101 at the Medela House (where I diligently took down notes!) We then shared these pieces of information to the rest of the family. I could’ve made a brochure or newsletter but they might think I’m going nuts (but I now think it’s a good idea!)

Fortunately, everyone embraced the idea. My MIL bought me clothes suitable for breastfeeding, some aunts shared websites that talk about breastfeeding, my BILs knew the tell-tale signs when the baby wants to nurse. My dad got me malunggay chips and my FIL always sent viands with the miracle veggie in it. Whenever we will eat out, they would always make sure that we are seated where I could breastfeed comfortably. You get the gist… 🙂

So my advice dear mommies, get everyone involved in your breastfeeding journey! The more they know about what’s going on, the more that they’ll be supportive and sensitive. Share what you know to the people around you and your baby. Be upfront with your plans. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” holds true, even with a breastfeeding baby 🙂



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